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Columbus, OH
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The Hudson Street Hooligans is an officially recognized supporters group for the Columbus Crew, one of the original ten Major League Soccer (MLS) franchises.

The Hudson Street Hooligans call section 141 of Columbus Crew Stadium home, amidst the designated supporters group corner section known affectionately (or infamously) as the Nordecke.

The Hooligans’ first mission is to create an atmosphere at Crew games that not only encourages the players on the field, but provides a distinctly raucous atmosphere that is akin to what one traditionally finds at world class stadiums across the globe. It is definitely an adult section, for the most diehard – be warned. 

Hooligans stand the entire game. Hooligans sing and chant in unison. Hooligans make sure the players know they have support in the stands. And when the Crew score a goal, all hell breaks loose.  And if you can give your all to creating this with us, you can become one of us.

The Hudson Street Hooligans began as a small group of friends in 2006 who just loved to cheer on the black and gold. In only a few years time our official membership was at over 1,000 rabid soccer fanatics. We even had our own bar at one point. Unfortunately, city of Columbus zoning code technicalities forced us to close down indefinitely, but Hooligan members only grew through this period.

The Hudson Street Hooligans currently call Hendoc’s Pub on High Street home.  We have relocated for 2013 and Hendoc’s is a great place with plenty of room for us to convene for getting game-ready on match days as well as hold membership functions. (Find more information through the +MORE link)

Gameday with the Hooligans is a unique experience beginning with an early tailgate, as HSH is one of the first groups to the lot.  After hours of amping each other up, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, we digress into the match and take our place in the Nordecke.  You can find the tried and true in the first rows as they help lead the way.  Don't know anyone yet? Don't worry, just stop by the tailgate and introduce yourself, I promise we don't bite.  We will probably just offer you a drink